Website Management


Outdated information is of no value. It hints of careless website management and must be avoided. Regular changes to your site will keep users coming back and cause them to tell others about it. That will generate more traffic.

Once your website is operating you should update it on a regular basis. Review your website prior to critical seasons or events. Determine what areas need to be updated. And then send me the material to post on the site. For example, a bar will want to update its entertainment schedule every month. A jeweler will have special promotions in the holiday season. Proper website management is critical to a successful website.

No “Minimum” Fees for Website Management

Several of my current customers send me new items for their websites on a monthly basis. Others send me website changes every couple of months. They may change a picture, or add some text, or remove dated information. These minor updates and changes are included in the hosting fee.

Note: Major additions or changes will be billed at the current hourly rate.