Why does my business need a web page?


If you’re in the phone book, you need a web page. Generation X is growing up. They are searching the web for businesses and services, not only nationwide but locally as well. It’s not just Generation X, but all age groups are finding more and more reasons to search for products and services via their computer.
The popularity of purchasing online is growing exponentially!  But did you know surveys show that many people are using the internet to research products and services on the internet before purchasing via the conventional methods?  You need a website to not only sell to your clientele but also to assist in educating them. A site with lots of pertinent and educational content attracts many diversified buyers. The first thing you should do is check out what your competitors are doing. You will likely be surprised at the innovative ways they are making use of the internet. The specific business goals you set depend on the what the purpose of your site is. What purpose does your site serve? Business sites primarily serve three functions:

Customer Relations—The objective a customer relations site is to provide direct support to customers through the use of product information repositories, technical support, customer feedback, and directory services

—The objective of a marketing site is to supplement traditional marketing activities by providing additional information about your product or service and to promote the company. A business may use a site to increase market share, improve sales, improve its image, or increase consumer awareness of its customers.

—The objective of a selling site is to sell directly to the consumer using electronic payment. This type of site requires comprehensive product or service description, as visitors are expected to make a decision to purchase based on the information presented.

There is no doubt that just about every small business needs a web presence!

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