Proven, Professional and Affordable



I have been designing websites for over twelve years. I have designed scores of sites and I currently host 40 sites that were entirely designed and authored by myself.


All of my websites are custom designs. These websites are just great professional creations.   I feel that my work is innovative, and creative and portrays your business or organization in a professional looking way. I do the small things correctly, whether its great navigation, accessibility or just being simple.

All my websites comply with the current W3C standards making them cross browser compatible, fast loading and search engine optimized.

Affordable is a home based sole proprietorship business. I am retired from a completely unrelated profession having spent 36 years in that calling. I have a  pension and therefore I am not looking to become wealthy. However, I don’t mind supplementing my pension a bit. With those facts in mind, you will understand why my fees and rates are more than reasonable.

Expensive full time website designers are beyond the financial reach of most small businesses. I’ll provide their services for a fraction of the cost.

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