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Mar 252020

A parking lot that has no cars,

The lights are out in all the bars,

There’s nobody in any shop,

Folks walk by but do not stop.

It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, And we owe it all to COVID19.

Now we stay inside our rooms,

Contemplating our likely dooms

The changes we’ve had to make are plenty, Let’s hope there isn’t a COVID 20!

Cindy Rennie (Ret. TPS)

COVID-19 and your website

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Mar 242020

I understand that the current situation related to COVID-19 is disrupting your lives and businesses. Please rest assured that I am available to update your website and will add any COVID-19 message for free.

Be sure to Physical/Social distance and be safe.

Steve Coppin

Twenty other residents and eight staff members have COVID-19 symptoms, a Lindsay doctor says.

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Mar 222020

I wanted to let you know what I have learned about COVID19 in our community in the last 12 hours. 

An outbreak has occurred at Pinecrest Nursing Home and residents likely contracted the virus around March 9th, 2020. Public health has indicated that there are 3 confirmed cases. 

What they haven’t revealed is that there are 20 other residents and eight staff at the nursing home that have symptoms, but have not been tested. This additional 28 people undoubtedly are further cases of COVID19. 

This means that there could be hundreds of cases in the community that have gone undetected. This virus is not “just the flu.” It is much worse. It is more contagious and makes patients much sicker. News reports of the number of people who have contracted the virus are way off. We likely already have thousands of cases in Ontario that have been undetected.  As the number of cases double every 5 days, we could easily have thousands of deaths in the next few months in our area, if we don’t take this seriously. COVID19 has the ability to make everyone very sick. 

It is so important to practice strict social distancing now. The problem with the virus is that patients are contagious and can spread the virus for several days. Before they develop symptoms. You basically have to assume everyone you encounter has COVID19 because frankly there is no way to know otherwise. Initially, the population of Italy did not take this seriously and they are being slammed with sick and dying patients. 

You should go out into the public ONLY for life preserving supplies. 

People who have travelled outside Canada MUST obey strict quarantine instructions. People who are sick with a cold or flu-like illness MUST self isolate. 

If you are skeptical and don’t believe that this will have any impact on you, Google videos of the impact that COVID19 has had on the hospitals in Italy. There is nothing special about ourselves or our healthcare system that will prevent us from experiencing the same outcome. UNLESS we take this seriously and do things differently now. 

I would encourage you spread this message to as many friends and family as you can. Everyone must do their part.  The lives of many in our community depend on our ability to stop the spread of COVID19.

Dr. Jeremy Jones

Trillium Lakelands Occasional Teachers’ Local

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Jul 072017

We are one of 31 Occasional Teacher locals of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (E.T.F.O.) which represents over 78,000 teachers, and education workers in Ontario. Occasional Teachers replace classroom teachers on a daily or long term basis whenever a teacher is absent.

Rocks Docks and Decks

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Mar 312016


Floating Docks & Decks & Stonework

Builder of Aluminum and Red Western Cedar docks and top quality decks, we are located in the Muskoka / Kawartha Lakes / Haliburton / Muskoka Highlands area and work throughout the region and into the Muskoka Lakes.

Dyson Alarm Tech Systems

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Mar 292016

We provide the Kawartha’s and Haliburton County with a complete range of Security and Fire Alarm Products, Inspections, Extinguisher Service and 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring. Our highly trained professionals are among the best in the industry. We can provide you with practical and cost effective solutions, as well as the quality you deserve.

Thermotech Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

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Mar 182016

Thermotech Heating and Cooling is a full-service heating and air conditioning  contractor with 28 years of experience installing home comfort systems. In addition to scheduled service checks, repairing of existing equipment, and installation of new equipment, we can help you find ways to reduce your energy bills through comfort system upgrades and by utilizing Government funded energy conservation programs.