Set up your email address with POP or IMAP


Post Office Protocol (POP) can be used with any email plan. It has limitations when trying to access your email from multiple devices, but any email service will support POP.
Read more about the difference between IMAP and POP. 

      1. You need to know your POP server address and available ports. To find them, go to the
      2. Open your chosen email client, and create a new account.
      3. Locate the POP settings area.
      4. Enter the following:
        Field Enter
        Username Your full email address
        Password Your email account password
        Incoming Mail Server
        Outgoing Mail Server
        Outgoing Port Outgoing Server Settings Port
        Without SSL – One of the following: 80, 3535.
        With SSL – 465 (Optional) This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) Select to enable.
         Incoming Port Incoming Server Settings Port
        POP without SSL – 110
        For POP with SSL – 995

        IMAP Without SSL – 143.
        IMAP with SSL – 993. POP without SSL – 110.

        Note: These are generic instructions, and may differ, depending on which client you are using. Please contact for specific client instructions. .

    Your email client may require password authentication for your Outgoing Mail Server. If so, you must have the server log on, and enter your full email address and password in the Outgoing Mail Server settings area.